Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Coat of arms

This my Coat of Arms that is about me. In the top left corner is the New Zealand flag.
In the top left corner is what sports I like Cricket soccer rugby.
In the bottom left corner is that I like to draw.
Then in the bottom right corner in mix marital arts.


  1. Awesome Cam!
    It shows that you like lots of things.
    I do Mixed Martial Arts as well.
    Well done:-)

  2. Great work Cameron! By the way, bet you're reading "The Full Thunder Skull Story PART 2"! That I just published on my blog. :-D (This comment was written on the 11. 4. 13).

  3. Awesome code of arms Cameron thats the best one i have seen

  4. I like how you explained your mum, dad your brother and yourself. I like the things that you do about yourself.I also like how you make a show like the news by Isaiah.

  5. I think it is awesome because you drawed a pretty cool NZ flag and you told what the drawings were of or about.


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