Monday, 31 March 2014

Hawkes Bay Multisports Iron Kids Triathlon

On Sunday I competed in the last Ironkids triathlon in the series at Ocean Spa.  I came 2nd equal.  I was excited because I improved my time again! I took another 30 seconds off my time.  Two weeks ago I got 13.43.  On Sunday I did 13.12.  Last year I did 16 mins.  I love doing triathlons.  Next year I go into the next age group and will have to do a much longer distance.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The biggest tree in the world

Photographing the 3200 Year Old Tree

First, read and summarise the article.
The President is a tree that is estimated to be 3,200 years old. It is roughly 75 meters tall. The trunk is 8 meters wide. This tree is and other smaller trees grow in California. It has never been photographed in one photo before. It took 32 days and 126 photos to finally get a picture of it.

- watch the video and recount how 'they' took the photo.
They put pulleys at the top of the tree and took 126 photos using a camera that was pulled up and down the tree to take photos.  
- describe the photo
Amazing that 126 can make one big photo.
- turn some of the sentences into a paragraphs

"The President" is one of those trees. The giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall, measures 45,000 cubic feet in volume, and is an estimated 3,200 years old. The trunk is 27 feet wide and the his mighty branches hold 2 billion needles, the most of any tree on the planet. On top of that, he still adds one cubic meter of wood per year - making him one of the fastest growing trees in the world.

- write about the biggest tree in our country.

Te Matua Ngahere is the biggest tree in New Zealand it is located in the Waipoua Forest it is a kauri tree.
Te Matua Ngahere

Photo tallest tree in the world

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Granny Palmer

We had a homework writing task. We could describe the oldest person we know or our favourite room in the house. I described the oldest person I know.

The oldest person I know is my Granny Palmer. She is my mums nana. She is 91 and will be 92 in July. Granny sits a few centimeters away from the TV and has the TV up really loud. She watches the sky sport channel all day. She loves Cricket, Rugby and Tennis. Her skin is thin and wrinkly. She is stooped over like a walking stick. Her hugs are soft and squishy. She smells warm and powdery. Her silver hair is permed every Friday.I love hearing all her story's of the old days. Her voice is calm but still strong.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Senses Writing

WALT describe using the 5 senses
  • look
  • hear
  • taste
  • smell
  • feel or touch
Red means look
Blue means Taste
Orange means hear
Green means Feel
Yellow means smell
My scene: Tiger

I could feel the hunger in my stomach. I could smell the scent of a deer and I can see the deer in the distance. I sneaked up on the deer. I could taste it all ready. It heard me coming and I could just hear the deer’s hooves digging into the ground. That was it I wanted dinner I ran after it. I was gaining on the deer I took a leap and just grabbed on to it and pulled it down DINNER!!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Area and Perimeter

Here is Area and Perimeter from the Math dictionary. The difference beaten Area and Perimeter is that area is the inside of a shape and Perimeter is the length around the shape.      

My Gami About Showing PRIDE

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