Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Reflection for Camp Kaitawa

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was...
Have fun.

... I achieved this because...
I had fun all the way .

Something I was pleased with was…
I did all the activities.
I was have so much fun that I wanted to do all the activities.
I really enjoyed learning…
About Camp Kaitawa and all that was around it.
It was had a lot of nature around it.
Something I found hard was…
Climbing in small holes in caving.
Something that made me think was…
The Amazing Race
There was a puzzle you had to do.
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. Amazing Race
It had a lot of running around the place.
2. Kayaking
I love kayaking
3. Caving
Haven't been caving before and it was my first time in a cave.
4. Burma trail
I love Burma trails
5. Waterfalls
I have never seen a waterfall only on TV.
Here is my Favorites photos about camp:


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Camp Kaitawa day 3

On day 3 we went caving and looking at waterfalls. Here is my writing about the caves.

We stand outside a cave, we start to go in, I’m so excited to be going in my first cave!  The line starts to move down into the cave. I slide down. I turn the corner to see the exit. When I get to the top of the small hill I get my photo taken. When my whole body is out I run to catch up to the line that is waiting just outside. When I’m waiting in line I can’t stop thinking about the next cave and what it will be like. When everyone is out we go to the next cave which is a bit of a walk to it. Finally at the cave all the kids have to do is walk in the cave but some of the parents(well all of them) had to go on their hands and knees.

It was about a 1 minute cave but there was mud when we were going up. When I get out of the cave I think that's why the kids didn't bring bags. The parents got the most mud on them in that cave. The next cave was a long walk to get there but a lot of mud. YUCK! Wow this cave has a medium
hole to get into the cave. “WOW! look at the top of the cave it looks cool” I say. Then I go on then up a small hill. I saw a huge spider, its 8 black eyes peering at me. I just want to go and that's what I do finally I’m out.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Camp Kaitawa Day 2

On the 2nd day we did master chef in our groups. Here is my writing about Brunch:

We get given the box for making the pancake mix and the ingredients. When we can begin we start. mixing the egg and the flour then the milk.We get our pancake mix a bit too soft making us put more flour in to get it more like it had it to be. We finally got it right we walk outside and get the pancake mix in the pan first we melt butter in the pan. When its all melted we put on some pancake mix. We do this for 5 more pancakes when the first one comes out we all eat it. We do 5 more some the same size. We put the last of the pancake mix to make a huge one. When that one comes out of the pan we start to eat its so hot we have to go hand to hand again and again. we put sugar on it as well and a bit of  golden syrup. We add peach slices around the pancakes and on top.

Making the pancakes

Lunch time

Friday, 14 June 2013

Kiwi Creche Going to Camp

On the 4/6/12 we we to Camp Kaitawa. It met nearly a all day drive to get there here's my writing about camp.

We pull up in Teva's dad’s truck. There are two cars there already just two to wait for now I think. Here they are, we can go in now. The people are ready for us as we come. We learn that there is a huge fence that lets no pest get in it. The fence gos three meters into the ground and has a curved top so cats can’t climb in. There is an amazing door so if there is a pest that get in from one side it can’t get in the fenced off area. When we were inside we went to a covered spot. She started to ask questions about Kiwis for us to answer. Then she went out and got a box it had a picture of a Kiwi on it. I knew it had to be the Kiwi, she slowly and gently took out the Kiwi. It had amazing feathers from a long way away. But up close and touching its feathers there don’t look like the birds feathers on a bird they were rough. When the kiwi was going round it was making a clicking noise with its beak because it was angry. 
There is five species of Kiwi that are:
  1. The Brown Kiwi
  2. The Little Spotted Kiwi
  3. The Great Spotted
  4. The Rowi Kiwi
  5. The Tokoeka Kiwi
Finally here are some Photos:


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