Friday, 27 September 2013

Calender Art

In the past few days we have been doing calender art. 
Calender art using dots this art is based on Roy Lichtenstein.

Collage skeletons.

Hope you like them!
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Agent Black Part 2

Agent Black Part 2

One little light is on in the cargo hold of Speed Bens underwater base.
“Hey Speed Ben come check this out,” I say as Speed Ben comes in.
“What's the problem” says Speed Ben
“the motors leaked of the spaceship.” I replie  
“Hey what's this dark minion doing in the seat of the speed bike!” says speed Ben
“It’s a robot that can spy on the dark minions but now that they are dead we don’t need it” I replied to him. BANG!
“Its fixed” I say, I get up and walk along the corridors of the base I stop outside my room and enter the code.* It slides open and I enter.

The Next Morning we meet in the meeting room .
“This is Armor Man and Armor Bot they are new super robots that can help us to fight Four eyes.”
“I have been getting rays of a beacon that is coming from Four eyes tracker from this I can see where he is at the moment” I say.
“Which means we can see where he is” Speed Ben says
“Lets go get Four eyes!” We all shout, a bit later we are all on my helicopter.
“He is on Island of death near Camp shark. He has made the base under the island into a base.” I say as we get into my high tech jetpacks. We go flying down a hole, dodging traps. We reach the bottom of the hole. The first thing we could see was a huge cannon pointing at us, and who would be standing behind it was Four eyes!
“I’ve been waiting for you” Four Eyes said. Before we could move out of the way he fired the cannon that hit us hard which forced us into the wall. With the Jetpacks broken we couldn't get away.
“HAHA!!! This is fun” says Four Eyes. He fires the cannon again but this time we just jump out of the way. Speed Ben and I lauch at Four eyes hitting him in the chest and face.
“OWW” yells Four eyes.
“YOU HIT ME IN THE EYE I’M GOING TO CRUSH YOU” YELLS Four Eyes. CREAK! Suddenly a Monster drops down that looks like a Creeper but muted with a Zombie.* It went charging at Speed Ben and me we attack it using my sword and Speed was using all there’s combs. But still the Munted is still strong.
“Agent Black I know how to beat the Munted we need to get the cannon and blast it with the cannon” Speed Ben yells.

“Ok I’ll distract For Eyes and you can get the cannon” I reply to Speed Ben. At that point we realise that Four Eyes is no longer in the room. Them at the same time we see him at a window and looks worried maybe because he left the cannon in the room we were in. Speed Ben gos charging at the cannon, but when he is about to reach the cannon out of nowhere the Munted jumps in the way. Then it uses a special attack spitting out TNT. Which explodes right in front of us knocking us back...

To Be continued... 
Armor Man

Armor Bot

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Optimist Yachting Day 2

Here is my goanimate for my Optimist Yachting.
Hope you like it.
Please comment.

Optimist Yachting by Cameron Potts on GoAnimate

Reflection for Yachting
Something I was pleased with was that we didn’t capsize the yacht because I didn’t want to go into the water.
I really enjoyed learning how to sail a Optimist Yacht because I have never been in an Optimist Yacht before.

Something I found hard was keeping the mainsheet(rope) in my hand because I needed not to make it so loose.
Something that made me think was how to work the rudder because if you wanted to go right you had to make the rudder point left.
Something I want to get better at is steering.
Before kayaking with the interschool cross country team.

There was a seal on the rocks I made a red line around the seal.

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