Thursday, 31 July 2014

Skype To the 2014 Commonwealth Games Village

Reflection for Commonwealth Games
Something I was happy about was that everyone enjoyed the skype.

I really enjoyed learning how many athletes are competing for New Zealand.

Something that made me think was did everyone enjoy it.

Big Thanks to my Uncle and Mum for making it possible for room 6 and 8 to Skype the Commonwealth Games Village.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Maths Knowledge Goal and Reflection

Knowledge Goal and Reflection 29/07/14

I got  41/50  82% for stage 6 number knowledge.

I did well in Number bonds, Rounding and Groups and remainders.

My number knowledge goal is Multiples.

Something I am proud of is getting 5/5 in groups with remainders.

Something I want to learn more about is 10ths and 100ths.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tank Warfare

My name is Cameron. In this story I shall tell you about the life of a tank drivers assistant. When I was nine I was asked by my Dad to help in world war two with weapons and cleaning for the soldiers in the war. I spent two years in the miserable life of a cleaner for war. It was another boring day when me and my best cabin partner Ezra found out that a tank assistant boy had stolen his masters tank and drove into the outback.

Ezra and I stayed up all night. In the cabin rooms when we were sure all the soldiers were asleep. We told the cabin boys to steal their masters tanks. But some didn't want to do it. But then Ezra and I told them they could be heroes. So they stole their masters tanks and we all drove off into the outback and the wild creatures of the night crept out of sight at the sight of the Tanks. Then we all made a plane to attack the Germans in two days first we would prepare for war.

I fixed the guns on the tanks because I was by far the best at it me and the other boys armored the tanks up with the best tank armor in all of the United States.
“There all fixed Ezra” I say. All the cabin boys start to paint their masters tanks camouflage for the battle in the jungle. At last the tanks were ready for battle we all clambered into our tanks to the cabin boys 2 to a tank. Ezra and I were sharing a tank with each other we had the strongest tank out of the small army of tanks. Ezra was driving the tank and I was firing the cannon.

First we all drove to the jungle where the Germans would be crossing. We all waited in about two hours we spotted the first sight of tanks I turned the tank around facing the incoming German tanks then I Fired it hit the King tiger tank. The missile I launched dug a big dent in the side of the King Tigers tracks. The King Tiger tried to move but it couldn't move.
“YEAH That's what I’m talking about thanks to the anti tank missile that came out of the gun on the top!” I yell. The crew of the King tiger start to climb out of the tank.
“Oh no they're getting away” Ezra says.
“Oh no they're not” I reply , I climb out of the hatch and to the machine gun and rapid fires the germans they hit the target some of the bullets miss but there are eight dead bodies lying on the ground.
“thats a good start to at tank war” I told Ezra
“I agree” I say. I opened up a book of tanks in the book we saw the tank that we had just destroyed the King Tiger. This is a photo of the tank from the map.

Allied Tanks(our side)

German Tank

Ready Aim Fire

King Tiger Tank

Written By Ezra and Cameron

To Be Continued dun dun darrrrr!!!!

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