Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Guess My Camp Animal

We were going to go on Camp Roil. But it was so wet we had to cancel it and do day trips.We did Master Chef and Flax rock. We where going to do a Waka ride and fishing but it was to wet to do so. The Waka and fishing was postponed until term 2. We had to have Camp animals My camp animal is you have to guess in the comments.

A) Tiger

B) Jaguar  

C) Wolf

D) Cheetah

Monday, 7 April 2014

Roast Pork

I can smell the Roast Pork from my room I run down the hallway and into the Kitchen. Mum is just pulling the roast pork out of the oven as I get to the door. Mum starts to cut the roast pork and it falls apart and she puts it on the plates and puts gravy on three of them. She puts crackling on the plates. I rush to sit down. The Roast Pork melts in the my mouth. The hot meat is delicious and moist. The crackling is crunchy and salty. I chomp down my Roast Pork and quickly ask for seconds.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

59.9 Degrees South

An Argo is a floating monitor that records the world’s ocean. They are dropped off the side of the research boats. They can be put in the ocean by a huge container ships or by small research vessels. Argos drift around collecting information.

The Argo have a cycle. One It descends, then it parks it self at 1000 metres. It drifts for 9 days, descends to 2000 metres. Ascends to the surface collecting data, at the surface sending data to the satellite and the satellite sends data to receiving station and database.

Height: 1.2metres
Weight: 40 Kilograms
Cost: $19,000
Made in: the United States, France and Germany.
Life span: Up to 5 years.
Image off Google images.

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