Friday, 31 October 2014

Image Writing


I was in my bathtub paddling out to sea. After a hour or so I stopped paddling because I had noticed some dark and evil clouds on the horizon and I knew I was in for a surprise...

A STORM!!! I started to turn around but it was too late.I was in the middle of a water spout*. I tried to paddle away but the waterspout was too strong it was sucking me. I started to lift up I had a bad feeling about this. I started to go round and round up and up. I was getting dizzy. As I was going around I could feel the spray of the water on my face. The water was freezing but it kept me awake with my wits about me. When I got to the top I was shot off down towards the water as the impact happened. I woke up startled it was only a dream. That is why you never use a bathtub as a boat.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How To Play My Favourtie Game

To play Boom Beach you will need:

1. Apple Device
2. Boom Beach(Will need to download Boom Beach from App Store it is free)

How to play:

  1. Turn on apple device and the first thing you do is tap on Boom Beach.
  2. When it loads a man will pop up and says “Hello there are you here to defeat the evil Black Guard.”
  3. When the man says “what will our base be called.
  4. Then you buy a Sniper tower, Residence*, Gold Storage and a Radar.
  5. After you have brought all of them the Evil Blackguard will attack you.
  6. First he will fire his gun boat 3 times at your sniper tower then he will send in his riflemen and they will attack the sniper tower. But the Sniper Tower will shoot back at the riflemen.
  7. When The Riflemen are defeat the Evil blackguard will say “You have won this time but it is not over.”
  8. The next thing you do is train some riflemen by tapping on your landing boat and then tapping on the riflemen which is the only thing that you can get.
  9. After you have trained the riflemen you tap on the compass in the bottom right corner.
  10. Then you have to tap on a cloud that has gold and a amount of gold you tap on that and then it will reveal some of the Blackguards base’s.
  11. You tap on the one you can scout out the base or you can attack which will cost 250 gold to attack it.
  12. When you attack you can fire your gunboat at the Blackguards defense or you can tap somewhere on the beach to make your landing boats land on the beach to attack.
  13. As you uncover more base to attack you will to upgrade your Radar.
  14. The game will never end even if you free all the island the Blackguard will keep taking over the island you have freed.

*where you get your gold from.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Adverting Slide Show

Math Challenge

Our Challenge was to make a open box from a 20 cm by 20 cm piece of paper by cutting our four squares in the corners and folding the flaps. We had to make a box hold the biggest volume of box you can make. I made a  box with 3 cm by 3 cm square corner flaps for a practice and then a 1 cm square flaps. Here they are.
photo 1 (2).JPG
This can hold 8x9=72 cubes
photo 2 (2).JPG
This one can hold 6x7=42 cubes

Thursday, 16 October 2014


The Best Part of Me

The Best Part of me

The best part about me is my legs. They are long, lean and are built for speed. They are muscular and white with knobbly knees splat, right in the middle of my legs.

My legs carry me around all day, to and from school and all around the place. They race me around many muddy Cross Country courses. They power my bike and shoot me across the pool in a  triathlon.

Other people probably think they look pretty scrawny but they don’t know the power hidden inside. My legs are like my dads and I like them like that.

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