Saturday, 31 August 2013

Camp Kaitawa day 4: The Burma Trail

On day 4 we did Kayaking, a Pipeline run, Confident course, Amazing Race, Doge ball and the Burma trail. Here is my writing about the Burma trail.

I get in a van its the last night of Camp Kaitawa and were doing the Burma trail. When we get to where we we started the Burma trail we get out and we all hope in a van that has people in it! We can’t really walk around in the van. When we get out we get in a line in the line we look up to see the stars in the sky. When its my turn Mr M stouts out “Agent Black aka: Cameron Potts!” I start to walk when I get to a small bush someone( I think it was Michael Noonan) grabbed my leg I yelled then I got it out of the hand and started kicking all around the place final I think but on accident kicked them. Then I went on but then I run out of rope but Mrs Hill(room 5 teacher) went out and I followed her out then she went back in to tell the people behind the way out. I  chose to go up to the van but it was loud in there but I just sat there waiting there I went to the 2nd to last row of seats. Like after 2 minutes we went down and number off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6(me), 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. we were all there we headed to the vehicles we came in.

Sorry there was no photos of the Burma trail.

My Maths results

For Maths we have been doing Basic facts stage 5 and stage 6. We had to turn it into a stem and leaf Graph.
Here is a bar graph showing my results.

 Day  Score  %
1        16      64%
2        17      68%
3        19      76%
4        22      88%
5        18      72%
6        21      84%
7        22      88%
8        22      88%
9        13      52%
10      17      68%

The day I got the lowest was day nine because I got my stage five questions in the wrong place. I had been practicing between day 3 and 4 when I was doing my homework. The highest score I got was on day 4, 7, 8.
Range: 88%-52%=36%
Median: 72%

Friday, 30 August 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Parkvale School
Howard  Street
Hawke`s  Bay
New Zealand

Dear Ken Catran,

Hi I’m Cameron from Parkvale School. Our class has just finished reading your amazing book Dead Harry. When we got to the 2nd to last chapter(we read one chapter per day), we were really wanting to read the next chapter. So Mr M read the last two chapters on the same day because we just couldn't wait. It was a little bit scary but I really liked it.

My favourite character was Harry because he turned into a ghost. When he was in the library he made Ms Anson run out of  it. I also liked Harry because he tricked his friend Sam after he turned into a ghost.

My first favourite part of the book was when the bad guy said, “Have a good BBQ kids”. We all laughed because Mr M said it in a funny voice. My second favourite part of the book was when they busted the librarian, caretaker, the other guy and the deputy principal.

That was a great book. I hope you write more great books like that. Keep it up Ken.

Yours Sincerely
                      Cameron Potts Parkvale School

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Royal Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is one of the many big cats that are around the world. It is a wonderful big cat but there aren't many left in the wild. Here is my report about the Royal Bengal tiger.

“SAVE US!!!”

The Bengal Tiger is one of the many big cats still today. The Bengal Tiger has many different Habitats like long grassy places, river banks, dense forests, mangrove swamps, Jungles throughout India and they are widely distributed places across India.

There are many names but the most common name is The Royal Bengal Tiger or The Bengal Tiger the Scientific Name is Panthera Tigris.

The only threats to the Bengal Tiger is us because we are hunting them for their fur. The number of Bengal Tigers has dropped heaps since hunting started for their fur.

Life cycle
A Bengal Tiger is pregnant for 3-4 months. Usually they can have 3-4 cubs at time. Baby Bengal Tigers are born deaf and blind therefore they rely on their mother for 15 weeks. A Bengal Tiger cub usually stops drinking their mother's milk around 6-8 weeks. The oldest Bengal Tiger lived was 20 years old. An average Bengal Tiger lives up to 13-15 years. Bengal Tigers teach their young how to catch their prey and defend themselves.

They will stalk closely or wait in cover until charging using sharp claws. The Bengal Tiger will pull down the prey by its upper body Bengal Tigers give up when prey gets away.


I think Bengal Tigers are amazing animals. I think that they should live aside humans peacefully. There are wonderful animals to me. Do you think so too?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

What I read in the school holidays

In the previous school holidays I read heaps of books here is all of the:

1. Prohibited
2. Boy VS Beast
Battle of the Mega-Mutants
3. Boy VS Beast
Battle of the Mega-Mutants(Different)
4. Alien Invaders
The Wreaking zone Junk Jet The flying menace
5.Alien Invaders
The Wreaking Zone Minox The Planet Driller
6. Geronimo Stilton
The First Samurai
7. Geronimo Stilton
Well always have Paris
8. Geronimo Stilton
The weird Book Machine
9. Money, Money, Money
My two favourite book were the Alien Invaders books. They are my favourite books because there about space adventures deep in space. They were written by Max Sliver.
Here is a link to a website: Alien Invaders Run!!! and This one

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Multiplication Game

We played a dice game that we have to use three dice for example: If I role a 6 and a 6 and a 5, I would go (6+5)x6=66.
And on my next turn I would add 66 to what I got on that turn.
In this game I beat Ollie. The first person to get two 200 wins.
You will need:
1. Three Dice
2. paper and a pencil
3. A Buddy
Please comment.  

Friday, 2 August 2013

New Zealand Falcon Report

Here is my report about the New Zealand Falcon:

The NZ Falcon(Karearea in Maori) are endemic(found in other parts of the word) to New Zealand. The New Zealand Falcon  is a wonderful bird but some people just think they are pest but they aren't because there is more to them than you think. They are birds of prey they kill animals for food.

The New Zealand Falcon is a big powerful bird of prey. It is also brown, black, grey, white and yellow. The New Zealand Falcon is endemic to New Zealand. They Live in high country of the South Island and lower North Island. When they come to breed there is breeding calls the females lay 1-4 egg per nest. Their diet is large insects, rodents, lizards and small birds. Did you Know they can reach 130 Km hour in a dive, the females are bigger than the males, they are sometimes called bush hawks. Their hunting style is taking small and big birds by the wing, and beats small mammals at speed. They have been protected since 1970.
Photo off google images
New Zealand Falcons are amazing birds of prey. They are wonderful birds to me do you think so too!?
Photo by
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