Sunday, 29 June 2014

My 2014 Midyear Reflection

Reflection for
Something I enjoy is going round teachers to help them or their class with digi problems because it is fun to help and show them how to do it.

I really enjoyed learning how to use new apps on the ipads and on the computer and learn new games for sports pals.  New games for sports pals makes it more fun.

Something I found hard was doing the Waka because my arm got sore when we turning and going back.

Something that made me think was doing rock climbing at Flax Rock because I needed to think where my feet go and not use my arms as much.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Genius Hour: Tanks

This is my Genius hour presentation for this term.  My topic was tanks.  I hope you learn some facts about
Tanks By Cameron Potts from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Holt Plantarium Visit

Monday 16 June 2014

Something I enjoyed was watching how people live in space because it was interesting how they live and the different exercises they do.

Something I found interesting was how hard it looked to eat in space because the food floats around.

The most exciting thing about space is being in zero gravity because you can do back and forward flips endlessly without falling

I would like to learn more about stars and how they can be different colours.

“How do stars in the universe have an impact impact on us?”

I want the rest of my inquiry topic to be about: Stars and heat

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Matariki Workshops Kite Making

On Tuesday the 10th we did work shops we also learnt that Matariki means face of god. It is also the Maori new year. This is my Writing about Kite making which is one of the workshops we did.
As I walk into the hall I see Flax and two other things on the ground to one side of the hall. One was Fluffy and the other was brown with some black spots here and there on it. We quickly learnt that the fluffy stuff was Toi Toi and the brown with the black spots was Harakeke. We had to get to into groups of three. I end up with James and Kory we get sent to a table. Louise says “get 4 pieces of Toi Toi which is the fluffy things one person from each group.”
“I’ll go get It” Kory says.

“Ok” me and James reply. Kory comes back with Toi Toi. We tie two pieces of Toi Toi together using the flax string we had made before we got the Toi Toi. We tied at both ends and in the middle. The next step we had to do was put the other pieces of Toi Toi as a triangle and tie it at the top where the ends of the Toi Toi met. Next thing we had to do was get a cross bar which was a stem of a Toi Toi across the other Toi Toi. We have to tie the Toi Toi cross bar to the Toi Toi that are facing down. Me and James hold the top of each Toi Toi when Kory is tieing the bottoms of the Toi Toi. One of the parents helping cut us a crossbar that goes across near the top of the Toi Toi. James and I hold one side when Kory is on the other side tying it together and we swap sides and do it again. Then we had to tie Harakeke with the flax string we had made with flax. At first we tied them separately but then a parent shows us how to do more with one piece of flax string, by criss crossing the flax other and under then back up again. If you did the middle first it was easier then doing the sides first. I ended up doing it. We finished the kite and had a photo with everyone else that had done kite making in the morning. What a great experience for me and everyone!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Miami Heat

This is the Miami Heat logo Mr Cottrell made it on room 6's whiteboard. Miami Heat are the best. NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!

Nehemiah's Publishing

Today we visited room 3. We showed then our blog.

Here is Nehemiah Publishing.
When I went to McDonald's I saw Brody and Brody's sister.
I zoomed on the big red slide and my mum called out to me to take my photo.

Friday, 6 June 2014

My Park

For home links problem of the Week we had to design a park I used Minecraft to make my park here are some screenshots.
Exit and Entrance

Open grass for running and playing

Basketball court  

Ice skating rink

Pond with double grass

My park with a birds eye view 

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