Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Little Lizard's Sadness Retelling

In my reading group the Jedi Knights, we had to read the book The Little Lizard's Sadness and retell it.

There was a very rich man who had made a new game. He loved to play his new game on other rich men because he always won the game. The new game depended on the each player telling the truth. The game work like this if one man would start by saying “I have 50 Buffalo” and the other and if the other player said “I have 50 Buffalo too” there was no winner. But if one player said that his bed was made out of just cherry wood and if other player said his bed was made out of cherry wood decorated with shells he would be the winner. 

One day a stranger arrived at the rich man’s gate. The stranger asked if he could come in and play the game. The stranger wore broken sandals and patched up clothes his face was thin and looked like he didn't have enough food to eat.
“Why have you come here?” asked the rich man.
“I have come here to play the your game you have invented” replied the stranger. The rich man gave him scented tea in one of his fine china cup’s. The rich man asked the stranger “Where do you live? What do you?”
“What would the answer mean to you” laughed the stranger.
“Let’s just play your game but you have to agree on two conditions that will make the game more fun” said the stranger.
“The first condition is that if I  win everything you own is my. If you win you take all I own and as well if I lose I will stay in this house as your servant for ever.” The rich man thought again.

“What do you own?” he asked
“You will be amazed by what I own,” smiled the stranger.
“I agree tell me your other condition.”
“I will ask the first question,” answered the stranger. The rich man wondered if the stranger was trying to be cunning.
“I agree,” said the rich man. The stranger undid a knot on one thing he carried.

“Do you have a coconut shell cup like this?” asked the stranger giving it to the the rich man. The rich man turned it over and over in his hands, It was an old and chipped coconut shell cup and not like the ones he drank from. The rich man and all his servant’s searched the whole house for a old chipped coconut shell cup. He checked all his servant’s rooms and he found cups but they were not old and chipped.

“I told you would be amazed by what I own.” said the stranger.
“The cup and my clothes are my only possession. Now everything you own is now mine.” The stranger called all the poor to the house and gave all the rich man’s china, animals and the fields. The stranger took his cup and went away and was never saw again. They say the rich man that lost all his riches turned into a lizard. The children love to watch the little lizard climb up the walls and crying all the time.
“Tsst, tsst!”

“Tsst ... tsst ... what a pity,” Is what the little lizard says.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Maths strategy

In the Mario's we have been learning how to do the box strategy. Here is my explain everything how to do it.    
Division Strategy by Cameron from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
Hope you like it!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Production Diary #1

Thursday 13/8/14

Dear Journal, let me introduce myself. My name is Cameron my role is kid 10 in the linking script. I've already remember all my line's but sometime's I have stumbled on some lines. We've only been practicing for about 2 week's. We had to do it without our script I nearly forgot to say my line. I'm nervous and where only 13 day's from our first night of performing.

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