Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Guess My Camp Animal

We were going to go on Camp Roil. But it was so wet we had to cancel it and do day trips.We did Master Chef and Flax rock. We where going to do a Waka ride and fishing but it was to wet to do so. The Waka and fishing was postponed until term 2. We had to have Camp animals My camp animal is you have to guess in the comments.

A) Tiger

B) Jaguar  

C) Wolf

D) Cheetah


  1. Am pretty sure its the tiger Cam!

  2. Cool animal number Cameron. The first thing I noticed is your number and then your animal. And I am pretty sure that it is a tiger. Good work.

  3. Great drawing,Cameron, I could tell it is a tiger because the strips awsome work.

  4. Wow, great post Cameron.
    I am pretty sure I already know your animal because you told me.
    I am sure it is a tiger though.

  5. Cool animal number Cameron it looks pretty.Good work


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