Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Summarise Eddie the sea otter

Eddie the sea otter
Eddie lives at Oregon zoo. Eddie is a sea otter who can slam dunk. He is an old man because he is 16 sea otters live to 11-20 years. Eddie has arthritis in his elbow. The keepers had to came up with ideas to exercising it to not make it worse. Eddie was abandoned when he was a pup. otters were hunted for their fur in 1911 they were reduced. otters are still endangered because of oil spills and disease.


  1. Cool post Cam.
    I like how you put some life into you story such as he can slam dunk.
    You put grate facts about otters too.
    Keep up the grate work cam.

  2. You have summarised the article very well in your own words, Cam.

    It is short, has the main facts and uses key words from the article. Well done!


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