Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Super Hero

This is my super hero we toke a photo then put it on paint here is my super hero.

Vital stats  

Super hero name: Agent black
real name: Unknown 
weight: 30kg
favorite food: tacos, nachos
powers: kung fu, karate, seedy, seeky, make anything in mid air  
friends: Agent MarcusMaster ZebThunder SkullSpeed BenAssassin ZachJedi TevaYundaElijah ManDylan Captain AmericaLaser BoyMaster Tyrone
 enemies: Darth Vader 
team mates:  Agent MarcusSpeed Ben , Dylan Captain America, Laser Boy 
leader of team: agent black


  1. Agent Black is mysterious but I think I know what his real name is!

  2. I really like how he did his hero and the name I really like about it and his power.

  3. I like you super hero and his name (Agent Black), I also like his powers , karate, Kung fu and make anything in mid air.
    Well done cam

  4. wow Cameron, I like your super hero but what is seedy
    well done though

    1. Seedy as a another word for fast

  5. Like the Super Hero Cam and you have one enemy, why is Darth Vader your only enemy Cam.
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. YYEEEYYYY! You put my name in the friend list. I should update my blog post of "Thunder Skull" & put some friends on it.

  7. Thank you for putting my name on the friend list Cameron, really like your Cam super hero.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. You wanna be my Side-kick?


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