Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mathletics Poster 2013

We have been doing Mathletics here is my reflection and design hope you like it.

 Reflection for
Something I was pleased with it turned out how I wanted it to.
Because I wanted design 6 in the middle of the square with a ring around it.  
I really enjoyed learning how straight lines can make a curve.
Because I never noticed how straight lines make a curve.

Something I found hard was using a compass.

Because it had to start at the same line at each side of design 6.
Something that made me think was to get straight lines.

Because If I didn’t get straight lines it could look untidy.
Something I want to get better at is using a compass.

Something that I can do about it:
Maybe use it more often at home.


  1. Wow!! Your Mathletics poster is awesome Cam!! Well done !

  2. Well done Cameron.
    Your art looks great.
    It was hard to use a compass for me too!
    Keep it up.

  3. Awesome Cameron,
    I love your mathletics poster and your
    reflection. It really stands out.

  4. Awesome cam.
    That look's so cool.

  5. Nice Mathletics poster Cam!
    I love the cool design.
    Keep it up.

  6. That mathletics poster is awesome Cam! Keep up the steady hand!

  7. Nice work Cam! you did a great job.


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