Sunday, 29 June 2014

My 2014 Midyear Reflection

Reflection for
Something I enjoy is going round teachers to help them or their class with digi problems because it is fun to help and show them how to do it.

I really enjoyed learning how to use new apps on the ipads and on the computer and learn new games for sports pals.  New games for sports pals makes it more fun.

Something I found hard was doing the Waka because my arm got sore when we turning and going back.

Something that made me think was doing rock climbing at Flax Rock because I needed to think where my feet go and not use my arms as much.


  1. Mum and Dad PottsMonday, June 30, 2014

    I really like that picture of you in the waka Cam....some good reflections. Be really proud of who you are and stand tall Cam!!

  2. Mum and Dad PottsMonday, June 30, 2014

    We really like that picture of you in the waka Cam. Some great reflections. Be proud of who you are Cam and stand tallx

  3. I love the new post Cam it is such a good and cool story.

  4. Cameron I need someone like you to come to my kindergarten and help me and my staff with digi problems!! We are about to look at the games we have on the ipads for our little children to play so maybe if I need some more ideas I will give you a ring and you could give me some ideas for some new ones! That waka looks cool!!! Great photo xo


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