Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Royal Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is one of the many big cats that are around the world. It is a wonderful big cat but there aren't many left in the wild. Here is my report about the Royal Bengal tiger.

“SAVE US!!!”

The Bengal Tiger is one of the many big cats still today. The Bengal Tiger has many different Habitats like long grassy places, river banks, dense forests, mangrove swamps, Jungles throughout India and they are widely distributed places across India.

There are many names but the most common name is The Royal Bengal Tiger or The Bengal Tiger the Scientific Name is Panthera Tigris.

The only threats to the Bengal Tiger is us because we are hunting them for their fur. The number of Bengal Tigers has dropped heaps since hunting started for their fur.

Life cycle
A Bengal Tiger is pregnant for 3-4 months. Usually they can have 3-4 cubs at time. Baby Bengal Tigers are born deaf and blind therefore they rely on their mother for 15 weeks. A Bengal Tiger cub usually stops drinking their mother's milk around 6-8 weeks. The oldest Bengal Tiger lived was 20 years old. An average Bengal Tiger lives up to 13-15 years. Bengal Tigers teach their young how to catch their prey and defend themselves.

They will stalk closely or wait in cover until charging using sharp claws. The Bengal Tiger will pull down the prey by its upper body Bengal Tigers give up when prey gets away.


I think Bengal Tigers are amazing animals. I think that they should live aside humans peacefully. There are wonderful animals to me. Do you think so too?


  1. I really enjoyed reading your well-structured report, Cameron. Tigers are my favourite animal. It impressed me how you put all the information from your research into your own words.

  2. Wow what a great report Cameron!
    You have done a great report!
    Well Done!

  3. Neat work Cameron! I like all the information about the Bengal tigers its amazing there's so many different things to learn about tigers nice research. :)


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