Friday, 10 May 2013

Rock Climbing at Karamu High School

Rock climbing

We went rock climbing at Karamu High School. We walked all the way to Karamu High School from school then we went into the gym. First we sat in a huge circle in the middle of the gym.

Then we had to run around and back to the place where we were. Then the year 12s came in and they had to get in the circle as well then we walked around in the circle. When Mr Ross said 1 Parkvale student and 1 Karamu to get in a group I looked around for A Karamu student and one picked me from behind me. We got up and walked around and went up to 3 Parkvale students and 2 from Karamu to get in a group and go somewhere in the gym.

There we said what our names were and learnt what we liked.
But before we got started we had to get in a harness. We learned how to pull someone up but we did it on the ground.
Finally we went to the climbing wall that was right next to us. Sam was first to go up. When he came down it was my turn to go up I went higher than Sam. But when it was Zach’s turn to go up he made it to the top. We walked back to school but went a different way than we had came.  

I thought it was nice of the year 12’s to teach us how to do rock climbing. It was awesome to rock climb there.


  1. Cool slide and photos Cameron. Was it a bit scary on your first go?

  2. Spectacular slideshow and photos Cameron


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