Friday, 5 September 2014

Battle For Sting Part 1

                                                      CHAPTER 1
Marvin walked with his thin grey cloak dragging across the stone floor. He walked slowly up the stone passage leading to the throne room. He took his seat next to Paul his Elder brother. The Marble floor looked very dim in the storm. Nobody looked happy to him. Marvin himself wasn't happy either. Because he knew what this meeting was about.

‘All the people are fearful of the war coming up’ said Paul. ‘Even some of our soldiers are’ added Marvin. ‘This time the goblins and pesky trolls are attacking us’ said Paul. ‘So this means we need to gather all the local builders and weapon masters along with soldiers’ he said. ‘So men get all the soldiers weapons and builders with repairers and healing doctors you can’ Paul said. ‘That is your work tonight we shall call an end to this meeting for now’ he said.

For the next two years builders were designing and building walls,cannons,machine guns and tanks. They called in the best swordsmen and archers and even some of the greatest wizards and knights to guard the castle of Sting. Sting is an ancient crystal that is hidden deep in the furnace room guarded by fifty archers and fifty knights. It is nearly impossible to steal It that's what the goblins and trolls have come for the crystal gold silver leather for their clothing and gems. These things are all well guarded.

Two years later all the troops were there and all the defense was built. The castle really had been done up. All the loot was deep down guarded with archers wizards and swordsmen all the locals from town had volunteered to be maids archers and servants or nurse but most of the men had got in line for swordsmen. They were all ready to battle all they had to do was wait until they attacked. Marvin was holding a sword, he was nervous but excited.

The time had come. The battle shall begin any moment now. Marvin thought. In the distance there was little green misty creatures running. ‘That must be those little goblins’ said Marvin to a nearby archer. ‘Oh them I have came across many of them they do take a few arrows to kill’ she said. From the nearby hills you could see trolls 12 feet trudging towards you. Their beards were thick black and there sideburns had streaks of ginger in them. Their hands looked thick and they were smeared in dirt or coal. They had big hammers in their hands.

All our air balloon men released into the sky showering the trolls with bombs. Some of the biggest meanest trolls survived the bombing but the little ones dropped dead. The misty little goblins crept up and tried to make it past our machine guns.The goblins used their magic to freeze some machine guns but soon the weapon masters had defrosted the guns. While the defense weapons were busy shooting the goblins the trolls had reached the castle all the troops clattered down after the trolls.    

The army leaders called the security rocket launches they aimed at the trolls. 3,2,1 a missile fired BOOM It blew all the trolls up. The troops were relieved that they didn't have to attack those trolls anymore. The maids carried the trolls to the furnace and burnt their bodies. The sight looked like flames ripping the flesh out of giant humans.     

All the troops returned to their set positions. All the air balloons were hovering over the goblins.  The air balloons were showering the goblins with bombs. Goblins scrambled for shelter so they didn't get blown off their feet with TNT or bombs. The parachute were enjoying throwing bombs at the nasty goblins. 

The trolls and goblins were all finished off. They had done around 7 percent damage to the castle. All the builders finished fixing the Palace. All the troops rested for tomorrow's battle. I wonder what troops they will attack with tomorrow will the use troops or won't they? 

To Be Continued...

Written/Drawers/Editors: Ezra and Me
Paul: Ezra
Marvin: Me

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