Friday, 5 September 2014

Production Reflection

Reflection for the Production Journey Through The Legends

Something I was pleased with was getting to act on the last night. Because I was in Rarotonga for the other nights.
I really enjoyed learning how was to throw my voice. Because if I didn't no one at the back would hear me.

Something I found hard was being loud. Because I am quiet sometimes.
Something that made me think  was if I would do good.
Something I want to get better at is being louder.

My favorite part of the production was standing up and staying my lines.

My best bit of feedback for the production was from Mum. She said to me that “Great stuff buddy and keep it up!”


  1. Tania and Richard PottsFriday, September 05, 2014

    You did a brilliant job after a six hour bus ride and being unwell!! We were so proud of you yet again!

  2. Something I was pleased with was that I got to see your performance, Cameron! You did brilliant.

  3. Room 21 were so excited to see you arrive and deliver your lines. Great job, Cam!


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