Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Challenge Tree Timeline

This is my timeline that I made on TimeToast. It was a challenge on the challenge tree.


  1. What a wonderful timeline, Cam! I love the photos that you have included. I was at the Canada vs. Japan World Cup game but I was supporting Canada! It was a draw so that's okay.

    You can keep adding to it on TimeToast as new events happen to you. It will automatically update on your blog.

    Fantastic sharing, Cam!

  2. Well done cam I like your time lime it is awesome.

  3. I thought the Time Toast was very clever Cam! I hadn't seen it before and you taught me how to use it! I like how you can keep adding to it as things happen.

  4. Awesome Cameron!
    I love how you have added all of that information about your life.
    It looks like you have had fun growing up.
    Well done:-)


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