Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Maths net

This is my net it made a Tetrahedron it has:

  • 4 Faces
  • 6 Edges
  • 4 Apex(where the conners meet up)
  •  4 corners

  This is my learning buddy's Ollie shape it has:

  • 6 Faces
  • 12 Edges 
  • 8 corners
Please comment what you think?


  1. Well done Cameron.You are obviously learning lots at Parkvale. Keep up the good work. Nana and Poppa

  2. Great 3d shapes Cam! You were able to tell us the differences and similarities between different shapes too! Awesome!

  3. Nice work Cameron
    What is an Apex and why does it say the Ollie's shape has 24 corners?

  4. They were tricky to make eh Cam, yours looks awesome though, better than mine I recon. Kory


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