Monday, 13 May 2013

Super Hero Part 1 the attack

Agent Black part 1 The attack

No lights are on at the underwater base. One night I was in my bed and suddenly there was a huge crack. I woke up. I looked around and I saw a shoe. I got up quietly. I looked around in all the rooms and no one was up. People were sleeping in their beds. Then I  heard footsteps outside. I ran back to my  room and looked out the underwater window. When Speed Ben said “get back to bed.” I look for something in my bag it was gone!!! oh no I thought. Its gone. The next morning I couldn't wait to get up. We had to go in an underwater cave.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw something shiny. It was what I had been looking for last night. I grabbed it before someone saw it. The person that had took it last night they must have dropped it on the way into the underwater cave. Agent Marcus said “what is that?.” I said back to him “nothing” .“I saw something on the ground and you picked it up” Said Agent Marcus. I was not alone because Agent Marcus, Speed Ben and Laser Boy were with me. Can we just get on with the mission to blow up the enemies base. Speed Ben sprints off to the huge enemy base door and places 3 bombs that I just gave him and sprints back to where we are hiding...

I’m just about to hit the button when Laser Boy says “ Don’t not now”. “why not” I ask. “Because lets wait till night to do it”. “why” I ask. “because it will catch them by surprise then” “ok” I say we sneek back to the diving gear and quietly put it on. Then we dived into the water and swam back to Speed Ben's base. There we just sat around waiting sometimes sleeping. Then it was time to blow something up the evil Dark Minions base full of power diamonds. Putting on a wet suit, a mask, an air tank and a waterproof bag(just me). We go out the secret tunnel. It takes awhile to get there we get back to the hiding spot I push the button BOOM!!! CRASH!!! BANG!!! The tunnels coming down on us. We run no we sprint back to the opening and dive into the water(no diving gear on). We use small air tanks to breathe which will last until we get back. We see a su we fire a underwater rocket at it. As soon as we get back we go into the meeting room. Before we go there we get some food and water. “We won” we all say “meeting over” says speed Ben...
Look out for part 2...

The team/creaw:

Director: Ben Hibbs because of the main underwater base and bad guys and name of group.
Authors: Ben Hibbs, Cameron Potts(main author)
and inspired by: Inderpreet


  1. Great story Cam cant wait till part two great job.

  2. Did you start this 'cause of Thunder Skull episodes? & if you did you could at least say: "inspired by: Inderpreet." But anyway great story Cam. & I will keep a look out for part 2. :-D!

    1. I can see you have added "inspired by Inderpreet" now, Cam. Good idea. Getting inspired is a huge part of learning and creating!

  3. Awesome story Cam, who was the enemy's name? I hope you face the enemies, face to face. Where is your secret base?
    What does the Evil commander look like, but that's if there is one? How deep was the ocean. Keep up the good work!

    1. The enemy is allot of minions and we defeated them I have no boss for them let.

  4. Awesome story Cam. Can't wait till part 2.

  5. This is a great story - I really felt like I was part of the mission reading it! Looking forward to Part 2 Cam.

  6. Lachlan frimley primary schoolTuesday, June 18, 2013

    WOW amazing story.
    Cant wait till part 2.
    I love your describing words/adjectives.

  7. Spectacular superhero attack story Cameron. Keep up the great work, can,t wait till part 2

  8. Great Cam!
    I really liked the story!
    Its really cool!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait


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