Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Camp Kaitawa Day 2

On the 2nd day we did master chef in our groups. Here is my writing about Brunch:

We get given the box for making the pancake mix and the ingredients. When we can begin we start. mixing the egg and the flour then the milk.We get our pancake mix a bit too soft making us put more flour in to get it more like it had it to be. We finally got it right we walk outside and get the pancake mix in the pan first we melt butter in the pan. When its all melted we put on some pancake mix. We do this for 5 more pancakes when the first one comes out we all eat it. We do 5 more some the same size. We put the last of the pancake mix to make a huge one. When that one comes out of the pan we start to eat its so hot we have to go hand to hand again and again. we put sugar on it as well and a bit of  golden syrup. We add peach slices around the pancakes and on top.

Making the pancakes

Lunch time


  1. Mum and Dad PottsWednesday, June 19, 2013

    Great recount of your pancake making on Masterchef at camp! They look delicious! We are hoping you will make some this weekend!

  2. Awesome Cameron!
    Your story is fantastic.
    And your photo's of you are nice.
    Well done:-)

  3. Amazing story Cameron. Which pancake did you give to the judges & are you in the Tigers?

  4. Cool Cameron it looks like your group was having a good time making pancakes.

  5. Great piece of writing Cam.
    You played a big part in the team.
    I think I speck for all us when I say

  6. Great job Cam,
    Your groups pancakes look yum.
    I like how you have add some photos.
    Awesome recount.

  7. Awesome Job Cam ,
    It sounds like you and your camp group had so much fun.
    The pancakes look delicious.
    You did an awesome job on them.
    Great recount Cam.
    I like how you have said all of the ingredients you mixed for your brunch.
    Well done.
    Keep up the great work.


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