Friday, 14 June 2013

Kiwi Creche Going to Camp

On the 4/6/12 we we to Camp Kaitawa. It met nearly a all day drive to get there here's my writing about camp.

We pull up in Teva's dad’s truck. There are two cars there already just two to wait for now I think. Here they are, we can go in now. The people are ready for us as we come. We learn that there is a huge fence that lets no pest get in it. The fence gos three meters into the ground and has a curved top so cats can’t climb in. There is an amazing door so if there is a pest that get in from one side it can’t get in the fenced off area. When we were inside we went to a covered spot. She started to ask questions about Kiwis for us to answer. Then she went out and got a box it had a picture of a Kiwi on it. I knew it had to be the Kiwi, she slowly and gently took out the Kiwi. It had amazing feathers from a long way away. But up close and touching its feathers there don’t look like the birds feathers on a bird they were rough. When the kiwi was going round it was making a clicking noise with its beak because it was angry. 
There is five species of Kiwi that are:
  1. The Brown Kiwi
  2. The Little Spotted Kiwi
  3. The Great Spotted
  4. The Rowi Kiwi
  5. The Tokoeka Kiwi
Finally here are some Photos:



  1. Mum and Dad PottsFriday, June 14, 2013

    What a great experience being able to touch a kiwi! You were very lucky. I have learnt lots from you about the kiwi. I was really intrigued when you said the feathers were actually quite rough. Great writing Cam xx

  2. Awesome Cameron!
    I think that the fence of the kiwi creche is really awesome as well.
    I loved your writing!
    Well done:-)


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