Thursday, 20 June 2013

Camp Kaitawa day 3

On day 3 we went caving and looking at waterfalls. Here is my writing about the caves.

We stand outside a cave, we start to go in, I’m so excited to be going in my first cave!  The line starts to move down into the cave. I slide down. I turn the corner to see the exit. When I get to the top of the small hill I get my photo taken. When my whole body is out I run to catch up to the line that is waiting just outside. When I’m waiting in line I can’t stop thinking about the next cave and what it will be like. When everyone is out we go to the next cave which is a bit of a walk to it. Finally at the cave all the kids have to do is walk in the cave but some of the parents(well all of them) had to go on their hands and knees.

It was about a 1 minute cave but there was mud when we were going up. When I get out of the cave I think that's why the kids didn't bring bags. The parents got the most mud on them in that cave. The next cave was a long walk to get there but a lot of mud. YUCK! Wow this cave has a medium
hole to get into the cave. “WOW! look at the top of the cave it looks cool” I say. Then I go on then up a small hill. I saw a huge spider, its 8 black eyes peering at me. I just want to go and that's what I do finally I’m out.


  1. Caving was your favourite activity at camp wasn't it Cameron!! You enjoyed telling us all about it. Great writing about your new experience. I really liked the bit about the spiders eyes peering at you. Great work xx Mum and Dad

  2. Awesome Cameron!!!
    great store cap it up!!!!!

  3. Spectacular camp kaitawa day 3 story Cameron. Keep up the spectacular work Cameron, great job.

  4. Well done Cam! I love the part where you said that the spider was peering at you that part was cool. Well done Cam keep up the good work.


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