Friday, 31 October 2014

Image Writing


I was in my bathtub paddling out to sea. After a hour or so I stopped paddling because I had noticed some dark and evil clouds on the horizon and I knew I was in for a surprise...

A STORM!!! I started to turn around but it was too late.I was in the middle of a water spout*. I tried to paddle away but the waterspout was too strong it was sucking me. I started to lift up I had a bad feeling about this. I started to go round and round up and up. I was getting dizzy. As I was going around I could feel the spray of the water on my face. The water was freezing but it kept me awake with my wits about me. When I got to the top I was shot off down towards the water as the impact happened. I woke up startled it was only a dream. That is why you never use a bathtub as a boat.

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