Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Best Part of Me

The Best Part of me

The best part about me is my legs. They are long, lean and are built for speed. They are muscular and white with knobbly knees splat, right in the middle of my legs.

My legs carry me around all day, to and from school and all around the place. They race me around many muddy Cross Country courses. They power my bike and shoot me across the pool in a  triathlon.

Other people probably think they look pretty scrawny but they don’t know the power hidden inside. My legs are like my dads and I like them like that.


  1. What fast looking legs they are !!!

  2. Tania and Richard PottsSunday, October 19, 2014

    They are VERY busy legs that never stop moving!!!!!!!! Great writing Cam! Love those words like scrawny, lean, muscular and powerful. Are you sure they are not like your mums??? haha

  3. Fantastic descriptive writing, Cam! Love the "they don't know the power inside" part. You are an athlete.


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