Friday, 30 August 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Parkvale School
Howard  Street
Hawke`s  Bay
New Zealand

Dear Ken Catran,

Hi I’m Cameron from Parkvale School. Our class has just finished reading your amazing book Dead Harry. When we got to the 2nd to last chapter(we read one chapter per day), we were really wanting to read the next chapter. So Mr M read the last two chapters on the same day because we just couldn't wait. It was a little bit scary but I really liked it.

My favourite character was Harry because he turned into a ghost. When he was in the library he made Ms Anson run out of  it. I also liked Harry because he tricked his friend Sam after he turned into a ghost.

My first favourite part of the book was when the bad guy said, “Have a good BBQ kids”. We all laughed because Mr M said it in a funny voice. My second favourite part of the book was when they busted the librarian, caretaker, the other guy and the deputy principal.

That was a great book. I hope you write more great books like that. Keep it up Ken.

Yours Sincerely
                      Cameron Potts Parkvale School

1 comment:

  1. I am looking forward to reading this book Cameron after what you have told me about it. I hope you get a reply from the author Ken Catran.


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