Friday, 2 August 2013

New Zealand Falcon Report

Here is my report about the New Zealand Falcon:

The NZ Falcon(Karearea in Maori) are endemic(found in other parts of the word) to New Zealand. The New Zealand Falcon  is a wonderful bird but some people just think they are pest but they aren't because there is more to them than you think. They are birds of prey they kill animals for food.

The New Zealand Falcon is a big powerful bird of prey. It is also brown, black, grey, white and yellow. The New Zealand Falcon is endemic to New Zealand. They Live in high country of the South Island and lower North Island. When they come to breed there is breeding calls the females lay 1-4 egg per nest. Their diet is large insects, rodents, lizards and small birds. Did you Know they can reach 130 Km hour in a dive, the females are bigger than the males, they are sometimes called bush hawks. Their hunting style is taking small and big birds by the wing, and beats small mammals at speed. They have been protected since 1970.
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New Zealand Falcons are amazing birds of prey. They are wonderful birds to me do you think so too!?
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  1. Incredible work there Cam It is actually quite funny because what it says on the picture good work keep it up.

  2. Awesome Cameron! Great report, it was funny how you wrote on the picture, "What are you looking at!" Great work Cameron, keep it up!

  3. Well done Cam..i learnt alot of new facts from your report. Amazing that they can reach a speed of 130 km/h in a dive!! Keep up the great work in writing.

  4. Top shot buddy......I have the Kerearea tattooed on my leg as part of my whakapapa.
    The Kererarea is the bird depicted on the Upper Hutt City coat of arms


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