Thursday, 22 August 2013

What I read in the school holidays

In the previous school holidays I read heaps of books here is all of the:

1. Prohibited
2. Boy VS Beast
Battle of the Mega-Mutants
3. Boy VS Beast
Battle of the Mega-Mutants(Different)
4. Alien Invaders
The Wreaking zone Junk Jet The flying menace
5.Alien Invaders
The Wreaking Zone Minox The Planet Driller
6. Geronimo Stilton
The First Samurai
7. Geronimo Stilton
Well always have Paris
8. Geronimo Stilton
The weird Book Machine
9. Money, Money, Money
My two favourite book were the Alien Invaders books. They are my favourite books because there about space adventures deep in space. They were written by Max Sliver.
Here is a link to a website: Alien Invaders Run!!! and This one


  1. Wow, you did a lot of reading Cam!
    I'm impressed because you have done reading at home instead of doing it at school.
    Keep it up!

  2. Keep up the great effort with your Reading.....and thanks for the demonstration on the Google Docs yesterday. I really liked your comment about feedback being a favourite thing with the e-learning.
    Nice one!

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  4. It is an impressive list Cameron!Was a great holiday for reading and relaxing! You powered through lots of reading in the holidays. I like how you included the link to the Alien Invaders website for others to look at. Great work!


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